Friday, August 22, 2008

Tell No One: the sticky

TELL NO ONE opens today, and we're pretty excited about. Having personally stumbled across the novel by accident the other day and giving it a read, I'm excited to see how the film plays out now that it's been transposed to France from New York. After you watch it come back and give us your thoughts, have you read the novel too? Compare, contrast, whatta you think of this adaptation?



mr. pink said...

You know when somebody comes up to you and asks, "What have you seen lately that's good?" And you always go blank and wish there was a movie you could recommend to pretty much anybody who asks? Something that would satisfy people who love mainstream movies as well as arthouse films? This is that movie. When people buy a ticket to a megaplex clunker like Firewall or Along Came a Spider, this is exactly the movie they're hoping to see: a smartly crafted, superbly acted diversion all tied up in a neat bow.

I am curious whether the stuff that seems most clunky and formulaic (especially the big explaining-the-mystery scene near the end) comes from the book or the adaptation. On the evidence of this, though, I can't imagine why more Harlan Coben books aren't being snapped up for movies: they seem like reasonably sturdy frames on which to hang a lively, jazzy genre piece—something the French have always excelled at.

wraith7000 said...

Yeah, there was definitely a let's-explain-it conversation that came out of the book.