Monday, December 15, 2008

Nashville filmmakers head to Sundance

The Sundance Film Festival lineup was announced over the last two weeks and features some familiar folk to us here at the Belcourt...very familiar. This may get confusing, so bear with me: Let's start with Brent Stewart's short film THE DIRTY ONES, playing in the shorts program. We showed his documentary THE LONELY back in May as a companion piece to Harmony Korine's MISTER LONELY, the film shoot that it documents. Brent also served as cinematographer and editor on fellow Nashvillian James Clauer's THE ALUMINUM FOWL, a short that made it into the 2006 Sundance Film Festival (and onto our screens later that year). James also will return to Sundance this year having done camera work on a feature film in the Documentary section, BIG RIVER MAN, which chronicles endurance swimmer Martin Strel's trek down the Amazon River. Additionally, both THE DIRTY ONES and ALUMINUM FOWL also share both a cameraman, filmmaker Michael Carter who also shares editing on THE DIRTY ONES, and a producer in new proud parent Harmony Korine. Additionally, THE DIRTY ONES stars Harmony's wife Rachel and the sound mix was done by Belcourt projectionist alumnus Jim Reed. Kudos, gentlemen.

In celebration of all of this, here is THE ALUMINUM FOWL:

--Toby Leonard

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