Monday, January 19, 2009

Sundance Dispatch #5

Just finished dinner after my last full day at the festival and I'm behind on my updates. My head is spinning largely with conversations about the new direction of distribution, how filmmakers find and connect with a film viewing public in the era of product on demand and how that impacts theatrical distribution of films. I have moments of excitement and moments of terror when the back and forth occurs but am eager to make sure that independent art house theatres have a voice in the conversation. It has been a treat to be here with our seventeen art house colleagues and to begin to formalize a network of like minded community based film houses from around the country to act as a force in the field and a support for each other to ensure that at the end of the day you—our loyal and fantastic Belcourt audience, gets to continue to watch great films from the brave souls out there fighting the good fight to make the kind of movies we love to show.

Now for the films…


Kicking off my day of romance…British film of love lost, gained and struggled over. Lots of beautiful strangers and good music in a parallel story about two young foreigners living in a squat in London. The intersection of their stories is a lovely moment in a familiar feeling film.


Toby largely covered this but I definitely second the Michael Cera thoughts and you’ll have to see it to draw your own opinion on whether knowing it’s fiction as documentary works for you or not. Some great laugh out loud moments for me.


Sort of He’s Just Not That Into You for the indie set. Fun performances by Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (the kid from Third Rock from the Sun all grown up and leading man-ey) in a good old date night movie (sorry guys).

Lots of love this year…ready for some grim reality frankly.


Nick Hornby’s newest script following Holly-Go-Lightly look alike Jenny (Carey Mulligan) as a young, bright sixteen year old who’s hungry for the world but pushed by her father (Alfred Molina) to excel academically so she can get into Oxford. She meets the handsome stranger and a journey ensues. It’s got great performances including small appearances by Emma Thompson and Sally Hawkins (of Happy Go Lucky fame) and feels liken an interesting departure for Hornby. No grim reality yet...we'll see what's up next.

Couple more to go before bed so I'll update from the airport as I come home to what better be a nice warm Nashville. Or else.

Stephanie Silverman


Josh said...

Did any of you guys happen to catch Black Dynamite? It sounds pretty awesome, and sounds like it would make a fantastic midnight movie (hint, hint)...

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