Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ian Fleming 100 Years old...

or at least he would be this year if he we're still alive. To celebrate the JAMES BOND creator's centenary we're dedicating our Weekend Classics in July to CLASSIC 007. Starting this weekend with a new 35 mm print of DR. NO followed by

July 12-14 FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE* - NEW 35mm Print
July 19-21 GOLDFINGER* - NEW 35mm Print

All films play Saturdays & Sundays at Noon and Mondays at 7pm.

TIME magazine has a list of 100 fascinating facts about the author and his most famous creation. Like #3 "Operation Goldeneye was an Allied plan developed by Ian Fleming during World War II, that monitored Spain after the Spanish Civil War. " and #9 "The children's book Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was written by Ian Fleming. "

And what would seeing Bond on the big screen at the Belcourt be without a martini. Here's what we've got lined up at the bar.

Casino Royale Martini – Gin/Vodka Martini just like the movie
Vodka Martini – Traditional, or Down and Dirty w/olives
Gin Martini - Traditional
Blueberry Martini-with White Cranberry juice w/a blueberry garnish
Raspberry Martini – with Stoli Razz and cranberry, w/splash of sour

All Martini’s - $8. Seeing new prints of James Bond on the big screen - priceless!

UPDATED: Check out Nashville Scene's article Chauvinism Is Forever: In the year of Ian Fleming’s centennial, do feminists have any reason to celebrate 007? Maybe.

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