Thursday, July 3, 2008

Metropolois lost scenes discovered!

If you saw the most recent Kino release of METROPOLIS, (it played at the Belcourt last year as part of our Family Classics series) you'll remember that there were still several scenes missing from the film, lost to time it seemed. But now it appears that a much longer and complete version of the film has been found in Buenos Aires, a version which according to ZEIT ONLINE

"...there are several scenes which are essential in order to understand the film: The role played by the actor Fritz Rasp in the film for instance, can finally be understood. Other scenes, such as for instance the saving of the children from the worker’s underworld, are considerably more dramatic. In brief: “Metropolis, Fritz Lang’s most famous film, can be seen through new eyes.”, as stated by Rainer Rother, Director of the Deutsche Kinemathek Museum and head of the series of retrospectives at the Berlinale."

Know I'd love to see it how about you?



Lance said...

Word has it that Kino will be modifying their current plans for a Metropolis Blu-Ray release in 2009 in order to include the newly discovered footage. They'll also be releasing a DVD with the new cut on that same day.

Mary Brace said...

I thought of you all right away when I saw this. Yeah, I'd be up for it but you've got to poke me and remind me.

mr. pink said...

There weren't any reels from THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS sitting nearby, were there?

The DVD news is cool, but how about a theatrical release featuring the new footage?

Anonymous said...

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