Friday, July 11, 2008

Sticky: CONSTANTINE'S SWORD - opens today

A more condensed reworking of subject James Carroll's book of the same name, the film follows the former Catholic priest on a journey to confront his past and uncover the roots of religiously inspired violence and war. His search also reveals a growing scandal involving religious infiltration of the U.S. military and the consequences of religion’s influence on America’s foreign policy. Bringing the history of religious intolerance to life, tracing it as a source of the fanaticism that threatens the world today. At its core, Constantine’s Sword is a compelling personal narrative — a kind of detective story — as one man uncovers the dark areas of his own past, searching for a better future.

To get the ball rolling, we offer this OUTTAKE for Constantine's Sword. This clip shouldn't be misconstrued as a major cog in the wheel that is the film. But rather, something that's just a little too irresitable not to post. You've seen him on the saw him in JESUS he is: the Rev Ted Haggart:


mr. pink said...

In the movie, Haggard looks uncannily like the Enzyte pitchman.

How have people responded to the movie? It seems like something that might build strong word of mouth, but it's just as likely to piss people off. It's rare that you get a religious critique (in film, anyway) that's grounded in belief rather than atheism.

Ben Grimwood said...

Ted Haggart creeps me out. He creeped me out in "Constantine," too. I really think it's a film everyone should see. Quite eye-opening. A little more detailed look at what I really thought about the movie is at